Commercial Services

With 25 years of experience, AQUA Facility has gained the expertise to provide clients across a multitude of sectors with superior standards of cleanliness, hygiene and customer service. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantees reduced costs with optimal results, every single time.

Washing isn’t always a breezy task, for there’s only so much that your washing machine can take up. We provide professional cleaning services for tidying up homes, offices, hotels, and other industries so that the sheets are always fragrant and the carpet as clean as new.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings

The bliss that clean, fragrant, and ventilated homes provide is matchless. Look around your property- walls, windows, doors, the floor, the ceiling, sofas, shelves, cubicles, beds, curtains, the porch- we clean everything.



Cleaning up as you move to a new place is a hassle you don’t really need to be a part of. At the end of your tenancy, while you’re busy sorting your documents and clothes and photo albums, we’ll take care of cleaning the property.

Event Venues

Event Venues

Deep cleaning, if done annually, can decrease the effect of everyday wear and tear. We provide facilities ranging from laundering curtains and upholstery to vacuuming rooms and cleaning washrooms.

What Sets Us Apart?


Having had the opportunity to work for umpteen clients at many different places, we have gained a rich experience that has majorly contributed to the constant betterment of our services.


Our employees are trained to work rigorously and precisely. With regular training sessions and administration, we make sure that our quality of work stays up to the mark.

Affordable Services

We offer the best services at the most affordable rates for complete client satisfaction. After all, the smile on your face is valuable to us.

Advance Equipment

We make use of the best washing, cleaning, and ironing equipment for the washing of heavy laundry. This ensures faster service, less wastage of resources, and perfection in washing.

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